Lustrum Celebration 27, 28 en 29 oktober 2022

In 2021, Maartenscollege celebrated its 75th anniversary. Since 1946, Maartenscollege has developed into the school it is today. That should be celebrated. Because of the pandemic the lustrum had to be postponed to 2022 and that is why the lustrum is called “Maartenscollege Haren 75+1”. The lustrum will be celebrated with a grand programme for all the people who are or have been involved with the Maartenscollege and/or International School Groningen.

Anyone who has attended or worked at (Sint) Maartenscollege, International School Groningen, MMS St. Walburg, Sint Martinus mavo or PC mavo de Schalm since its inception in 1946 is most welcome.


Kick-off @ Salvatorkerk (private)

A beautiful narrative meeting in the Salvatorkerk in Groningen, followed by a lantern procession to the Maartenscollege. There we sit down together at a table, a FairTable.


St. Maartensdag @ Maartenscollege Haren & ISG (private)

The Maartensday is a special day for students and staff of the Maartenscollege and International School Groningen. An inspiring day with workshops, speakers and other activities.

Symposium @ Maartenscollege Haren & ISG // 14:00 – 16:30 (followed by reception)

The symposium includes a keynote by Kiza Magendane (writer, essayist NRC Handelsblad, Groene Amsterdammer), Myron Hamming (city poet), and chairwoman Femke Wolthuis.


Reunion @ SPOT Groningen (De Oosterpoort) // 11:00 – 17:00

In De Oosterpoort (SPOT) in Groningen, there will be a grand reunion of both Maartenscollege and ISG. Starting with a joint lunch surrounded by many activities, moments of meeting and recognition.

Final party @ SPOT Groningen (De Oosterpoort) // 19:30 – 01:00

The three days will end with a grand Final Party in De Oosterpoort Groningen. Live music by famous artists such as Orange Skyline & Bente, but also from our staff, students and many others.


The Lustrum organization is looking for old picture material. Therefore, former students are called upon to send in pictures from their school days via e-mail to The submitted photos will be used in a presentation and placed on our facebook page and/or this lustrum website.

Ticket sales

Tickets for the symposium on Friday 28 October cost € 20,-, a passe-partout for Saturday 29 October costs € 45,- this includes the reunion, lunch and the final party in De Oosterpoort. Tickets for the reunion and the final party are also available separately. These can now be ordered via: