2006-2013 Floris, Koen, Jochem, Merijn and Victor, five friends

Floris, Koen, Jochem, Merijn and Victor, five friends you may have seen or heard of somewhere between 2006 and 2013, in east, west or the A-aisle at St Martin’s College.

On a terrace in Düsseldorf, the five friends discuss the upcoming reunion and their time at Maartenscollege. High school is still often discussed when the five get together. So too during the annual weekend trip to a German city. A tradition that originated in the fifth grade at Maartens College. In autumn 2011, led by Anny de Boer and Koos Meisner, the vwo 5 class was immersed in German culture and history during the profile trip to Berlin. An instructive and sociable week that laid the foundations for many friendships. So too of this group. Six years later, a tradition has been established. Every year, the group visits a different German city.

The five boys have a special bond with the school and its teachers. A group that – they consider a decade or so later – could drive many a teacher to madness. The amicable, cheerful and energetic nature of the group also had a downside: the control room was no unfamiliar place for these adolescent boys. The potential to attend classes with concentration and get high marks was there, however, you understand that in reality this was not often – in fact, almost never – the case. Such a group you will be surprised to hear that all five members turned out well. Amazed, but hopefully also a little proud.

On the terrace, looking back on their time at St Martin’s College, the boys mainly discuss the teachers and their interaction with the class. Several teachers have been a major influence on the jargon of the group of friends. For instance, the statement ‘Vriesema, did you even have an education? Or just nutrition?” by Bouko Tiggelaar, is still often quoted. The statement ‘Hee Molenaartje, come on’ by Joost Laan is still often laughed at, and Marc Spierings should know how often his statement ‘Money is the lubricant of the economy’, is reviewed.

The conclusion of the conversation is that a school is only as good as the people who work there. Consequently, people look back on St Martin’s College with great pleasure. Jan and Enoch the caretakers as well as Winie and Loeke in the canteen, created a fun atmosphere at school. With the aforementioned teachers and tutors such as Loek Muller, Sterre Streekstra, John de Jong, Ineke van den Berg, Maarten van Koeverden and Ronald Tieben, who all gave their lessons with a lot of energy, patience and humour, the boys were very lucky.

In particular, the boys dwell on their Dutch teacher. Someone they would have liked to proudly tell that, despite not wanting to read a single letter during their high school days, ten years later they set up a real book club to talk about literature for an evening once in a while. During this evening, they toast Jurjen Roelfszema, hoping that Jurjen is watching from above and sees that, partly thanks to him, things have worked out well for this group.

Viktor Hoegen, Floris Molenaar, Koen ter Borg, Merijn van Koeverden and Jochem Vriesema

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