Bente Fokkens has been writing and performing since she was eleven years old. This young start of her musical career resulted in the documentary ‘Bente’s Stem’, several performances at De Wereld Draait Door, a participation in The Voice Kids and a performance at Into The Great Wide Open.

Besides making music, Bente starts as an actress. She plays the lead in the film ‘Kappen!’, plays in the hit series ‘Soof 2’ and can be seen in the popular (film) series ‘Misfit’. In 2019 things are going to change. Bente starts writing music in Dutch and signs with Top Notch. At the beginning of 2020, Bente releases her first EP called ‘Liefste, Ken Je Mij’, with which she could be seen live on ‘M’ on NPO 1 and could be heard on various radio stations. As a sequel to her first EP, her second EP will be released this autumn. For this project, Bente once again works with producer Tom Meijer and writer Okke Punt, who we know from his work with Snelle and Maan, among others. As a prelude to the new project, the singles ‘Ga Maar’ and ‘Nee is Nee’ with Maan were released earlier this year. The latter could be seen live with Beau on RTL4 and could be heard on 538. With her booking at ESNS in 2021, Bente showed that she is ready to go on stage.

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