On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the programme of the various events?2022-09-05T13:26:51+00:00

Please see our page for the various events.

I have an allergy or diet, how does that work for lunch?2022-05-30T19:52:04+00:00

Lunch is mostly vegetarian and of course the most common allergies (gluten, lactose) are taken into account. If you have any other allergies or specific diets please let us know at info@maartensharen75.nl.

Can I also attend the Reunion without lunch?2022-05-30T19:51:30+00:00

Yes, you can, especially if you can’t make it in before noon. However, you will have to pay for lunch and we cannot make any exceptions.

Can I still visit the school?2022-05-30T19:50:41+00:00

Yes, there will be a free shuttle bus during the reunion.

Where does the Reunion take place?2022-05-30T19:50:10+00:00

In the Oosterpoort in Groningen.

Is there an entry control on ages?2022-05-30T19:49:39+00:00

Yes, in connection with NIX18 there is age control at the various events where alcoholic beverages are sold.

It is sold out, how can I still get tickets?2022-05-30T19:49:02+00:00

Unfortunately that is no longer possible. Keep an eye on us, there might be some extra tickets available!

I have lost my e-tickets, what now?2022-05-30T19:48:26+00:00

You can find your tickets in the confirmation email, by clicking on the ticket link you received after your purchase. If you have an account, you can also find your tickets on your personal page. Can’t work it out? Please contact us by e-mail.

I have to cancel because I am ill, what do I do now?2022-05-30T19:47:45+00:00

We wish you a speedy recovery, but unfortunately we cannot refund your ticket.

I am a student or work at the Maartenscollege / ISG, do I need to buy tickets?2022-05-30T19:47:03+00:00

All events are free of charge for employees and students. They will be informed about this in the new school year (September 2022).

Do I have to print the e-tickets?2022-05-30T19:46:23+00:00

No, but do have them with you digitally!

I have not received my ordered tickets?2022-05-30T19:37:46+00:00

Check your SPAM box. If you haven’t received them within 1 working day, please email us with your name, order date and the problem. We will try to respond within 5 working days!

Lost or found?2022-05-30T19:37:08+00:00

If you have found something, you can hand it in at Maartenscollege Haren (Symposium) or at De Oosterpoort (Reunion/Final Party). If you have lost something, ask our staff or contact the box office of De Oosterpoort later on 050-3680368 (Mon-Fri 12-14 hrs). We are not liable for the loss of personal belongings. Once a week, we hand in all found objects to the municipality. On this website you will find an overview of all lost property at the municipality.

Where can I park my car?2022-05-30T19:35:46+00:00

For the symposium you can park near the Maartenscollege (Hemmenlaan, Haren).

For the reunion and final party you can park your car in the regular parking facilities of De Oosterpoort. Check the contact page of De Oosterpoort.

How do you deal with a revival of COVID-19?2022-05-30T19:34:19+00:00

Of course we are monitoring, but we expect a normal event. If any measures are necessary we will follow them up and ask you to do the same.

Will there be seats?2022-05-30T19:33:27+00:00

There are plenty of seats.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?2022-05-30T19:25:09+00:00

Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed at the Reunion and the Endparty. And not necessary either, because there will be plenty of goodies available.

Are the events accessible to disabled people?2022-05-30T19:24:39+00:00

Yes, there are facilities for disabled persons in both Maartenscollege/ISG and De Oosterpoort.

Who is the lustrum intended for?2022-09-05T13:21:21+00:00

The lustrum is largely intended for everyone, both (former) students and (former) employees who are currently, or have been in the past, connected to the Maartenscollege and/or ISG.

In addition, the Symposium is open to everyone, even if you are not directly connected to the Maartenscollege and/or ISG.