The lustrum is a joint lustrum of the Maartenscollege & International School Groningen (ISG). To organise the lustrum many employees, former employees and students of both Maartenscollege and the International School Groningen (ISG) will help out. The steering committee organises the lustrum and they are supported by committees (students, staff) and various individuals.

Steering Group

Annet Brinkgreve (former teacher at Maartenscollege)

As a former teacher, Annet was actively involved in the Maartenscollege for many years. Now that she has retired, she is happy to devote her heart and soul to the magnificent anniversary. According to her, this should be celebrated in a big way. For the lustrum she organises the reunion together with Anny de Boer, Carolien Kasteleijn, Marga Mak, Marieke Jonker and Esther Boelens.

Anny de Boer (former teacher at Maartenscollege)

Not teaching anymore (AKA: retirement) is no reason for Anny to sit still. As a former employee, she is keen to make the anniversary a big party, both a celebration of content and a place where everyone can meet again. For the lustrum she is organising the reunion together with Annet Brinkgreve, Carolien Kasteleijn, Marga Mak, Marieke. Jonker and Esther Boelens.

Con Hanssen (former teacher at Maartenscollege)

Con is a former teacher and is the oldest member of the steering committee. He knows the Maartenscollege inside out. For the lustrum, he is organising the kick-off and is also responsible for the symposium, which he is organising together with Koos Meisner.

Marieke Jonker (teacher at ISG)

Marieke gets a lot of energy from nice challenges next to her teaching job as a teacher of Dutch and Dutch literature at the ISG (Dutch Language & Literature). That is why she participates in the ISG steering committee. She works with Rik on the St. Martin’s Day and with Anny, Annet, Carolien, Marga and Esther on the reunion.

Rik Meinds (teacher at Maartenscollege)

As a Physical and Health Education teacher at Maartenscollege, he knows how to get students moving. He also knows exactly what is going on with the students and is in contact with the student council. Together with Marieke, he organises the March Day celebrations and also organises the final party.

Roel Scheepens

Rector Roel motivates, inspires and directs the steering committee.

Bernou Ozinga

She has enormous experience in event management. For this reason, the school has engaged her as external chairperson of the steering committee. In this role she monitors the progress of the preparations.

The steering committee members are currently being supported by various individuals and groups, including externally by Ronald van der Bend (marketing & PR) of graphic communication agency Dorèl Xtra Bold.

Would you like to lend a hand?

We cannot do without many people who are willing to assist in the preparation and in the implementation of the programme.

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