Thursday 27 October

Kick-off @ Salvatorkerk (private)

A beautiful narrative meeting in the Salvatorkerk in Groningen, followed by a lantern procession to the Maartenscollege. There we sit down together at a table, a FairTable.

Friday 28 October

St. Maartensdag @ Maartenscollege Haren & ISG (private)

The Maartensday is a special day for students and staff of the Maartenscollege and International School Groningen. An inspiring day with workshops, speakers and other activities.

Symposium @ Maartenscollege Haren & ISG // 14:00 – 16:30 (followed by reception)

The symposium includes a keynote by Kiza Magendane (writer, essayist NRC Handelsblad, Groene Amsterdammer), Myron Hamming (city poet), and chairwoman Femke Wolthuis.

Saturday 29 October

Reunion @ SPOT Groningen (De Oosterpoort) // 11:00 – 17:00

In De Oosterpoort (SPOT) in Groningen, there will be a grand reunion of both Maartenscollege and ISG. Starting with a joint lunch surrounded by many activities, moments of meeting and recognition.

Final party @ SPOT Groningen (De Oosterpoort) // 19:00 – 01:00

The three days will end with a grand Final Party in De Oosterpoort Groningen. Live music by famous artists such as Orange Skyline & Bente, but also from our staff, students and many others.


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Timetable Reunion

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Timetable Final Party

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