Symposium, Friday 28 October

Symposium @ Maartenscollege Haren & ISG // 14:00 – 16:30 (followed by reception)

Identity in a global context…

We live in a re-zoned Netherlands, in ‘bubbles’, each with its own culture, gender or (religious) conviction, its own ‘identity’. You feel at home with the left or the right, with the people or the elite, with authentic Dutchmen or the others. We say we don’t, but…

(How) do we really meet each other?

Kiza Magendane, political scientist and policy entrepreneur who writes, blogs and speaks about the new pillarization, citizenship, identity, globalization and the situation in his native continent Africa.

As the keynote speaker, he challenges you to ‘really meet the other’ with reflections on how we can give citizens security and at the same time make public space inclusive.

You have to be there!

Groningen, with its University and University of Applied Sciences, full of students from all over the world, and the bilingual Maartens International School in the city, are trying to bridge the ‘almost unbridgeable’. How do all these people with such diverse backgrounds really meet each other?

How can we empathise with the other, respect the other as an individual or as a group, appreciate, support and give each other energy? How can we put ourselves in perspective, be in relationship with the other?   How do we become an inclusive society, an inclusive school?

Challenging questions, also for education.

Let Kiza and critical panel members take you by the hand this Friday afternoon and share their experiences in our culture, education, science or religion. Myron Hamming, the city poet of Groningen and spoken word artist will open the afternoon with his poetic associative text.

And please take an active part in the conversation yourself, verbally or digitally (bring your smartphone)! Femke Wolthuis, as presenter, will guide us clearly and carefully to great heights.

Ticket sales

Tickets for the symposium can be ordered via our tickets page.


In short, the programme is as follows:

  • Presentation of the symposium is in the hands of Femke Wolthuis.
  • Myron Hamming, city poet, opens the content part of the symposium in an associative way.
  • Kiza Magendane inspires us with his thoughts and experiences around the theme.
  • A panel comments and approaches the theme from their own experience. The panel members are:
    • Herman Blom, lecturer and director academisation NHL
    • Yasmine Finani (former student), international law, bi-cultural
    • Nick Everts, ecumenical theologian, lhbti
    • Roel Scheepens, rector Maartenscollege and ISG
  • The audience will have the opportunity to discuss the speakers and each other.
  • The symposium will conclude with drinks and an opportunity to chat.

Our advice: come to this symposium and live the experience!

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