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1947 A Catholic Girls' School in the North The "Sint Maartenscollege" was initially a boys' school, but [...]

1950-1955 Henny Pol-Kunnen (MMS Sint Walburg) My opposite neighbor Henny was a student [...]

1959 Marion de Grijs (French teacher, deputy headmistress, ex-pupil) In our series ‘From the school’s [...]

1959-1982 Hans Jordens, former student, former teacher ‘There were two worlds’ Hans Jordens [...]

1959-2000 Hetty Remmers (primary school miss and secondary school teacher of History) About my career in education. [...]

1960-1977 Father Muskens Father Muskens s.j. a.k.a. ‘Mus’, headmaster between 1960 and 1977 Father Muskens was not [...]

1962-1967 Nanki en Christien Enzing Based on personal accounts we try to sketch a [...]

1965-1998 Jan Nieboer (P.E. teacher) Some time ago Annet Brinkgreve came to stay with [...]

1965-2005 Klaas Terpstra (Mathematics teacher, team leader) It's March 30, 2021, a bright and even [...]

1969-2010 Jos Redder (groundsman) It is December 20th 2020 and I am sitting with [...]

1972 Dick Schuur My application at St. Maartenscollege It is the summer of 1972. After the introduction [...]

1973 Hein Bloemink (former student) Where the journey of discovery began... To the freshman class in 1973. [...]

1975-1985 Dries van den Akker Reminiscing about Sint Maartenscollege… In the late seventies Sint Maartenscollege was [...]

1985-1989 Bram Reudink (former student) My high school career at the then Sint Maartenscollege [...]

1985-1991 Benni Leemhuis (former student) I entered school in 1985 with advice HAVO from [...]

1986-2011 Arend Kroeze: janitor and school technician It is Monday morning November 16, and [...]

1988-1995 Sander Bertus (former student) After elementary school (Nicolaasschool, Haren) Sander Bertus naturally [...]

The 1990s and beyond in a nutshell One of the most important events in the early 1990s was [...]

2006-2013 Floris, Koen, Jochem, Merijn and Victor, five friends Floris, Koen, Jochem, Merijn and Victor, [...]

2012 Travel report by Julia Rubingh Before we could leave, we had [...]

2014 Lars, Rémi, Faja, Melissa en Fleur On 23 June 2014, we met in the [...]

2022 Faiz Janlu, the youngest pupil at Maartenscollege It is May 12, 2022 and I have [...]