The 1990s and beyond in a nutshell

One of the most important events in the early 1990s was the merger with the Catholic St. Martin’s school and the Protestant-Christian mavo de Schalm (1992). An inter-confessional comprehensive school for VMBO-T, HAVO, ATHENA and PE. was created. The “Sint” was dropped, but not without permission from the bishop. In 1999, the building in Haren was expanded, which meant that the school was located on one site. This does not happen without a struggle; there has to be a building exchange with other schools, otherwise the celebration will not take place. For example, the Gomaruscollege, our neighbour in the Wijert, will be in possession of the Wijert branch and the Rummerinkhof will be in possession of the Maartenscollege. Still cycling! The construction of the new wing proceeds steadily, for the internal move a committee is set up that leads everything in the right direction. The old building had to be largely cleared out and the new one furnished. The staff even sacrificed a last day of their holidays to furnish the classrooms so that the lessons could start.

At the beginning of the new school year, there are still construction workers walking through the corridors and you can almost break your neck over the many pipes, wheelbarrows and obstacles that have to be cleared, but ….. the school is up and running! However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the new building. Some even get a fright: concrete pillars, dark colours, doors that cover half the corridor when you open them…… There are a few missing windows here and there, but never mind……

On 10 March 2000, the new building was officially inaugurated. Some of my colleagues would like to get rid of the gloomy atmosphere right away, but that’s not possible! Has to do with certain rights of an architect. Years later, however, the brush is wielded and the sombre interior is pimped out in no time! Rector Henk Ruhe leaves the school, he is succeeded by Kees Torreman. Kees leaves the school around 2007 and is succeeded by Thomas Zipper. But not only rectors come and go, also pupils and staff members change places and leave their mark on the whole. In 70 years, a lot of stamp pads have been worn.

A random selection from all the past decades:

  • 1997 (slightly later than planned) and 2006: grand anniversary activities
  • 2001: Ron Jans leaves the school. He likes playing football better…. the new vmbo starts On 19 October, our colleague Herman Bartelink died. He was 61 years old.
  • 2002: We officially become an IB World School. Cor Linstra cycled from the Sint Pietersplein in Rome to Pieterburen. For a good cause: the Ronald Mc Donald House.
  • 2003: A big LAN-party in the gym with 150 computer nerds, who keep themselves going with Cola and sit behind their screens for 24 hours. Darinka Verschoor goes to Kenya to help orphans at their school.
  • 2004: Guus runs through Amsterdam as a torchbearer with The Olympic Torch and Raoul organises his “own way”.
  • 2005: Ronald Snaterse becomes deputy rector. He succeeds Jacky Lamoré. She was Head of the Inter national School and Deputy Rector. The media library becomes a study area and is made suitable for workshops, lectures, etc. The TTO receives a European Certificate. A number of science students participate in an international Olympiad in Indonesia.
  • 2006: The very last Song Festival by John de Jong. 16 times we were able to enjoy the most beautiful performances by students and colleagues. It started in the former auditorium (now a media library) and ended with a bang in the Oosterpoort!
  • 2007: protesting Maartens students, who do not agree with the 1040-hour norm. And then, of course, there are the countless cultural performances, music, theatre, poetry… sports events, sponsor runs, projects, campaigns for charity, Zip your Lip, trips, prizes ……. But between all those moments of pleasure and happiness, there are also moments of sadness. We lose colleagues and pupils…

In one of the previous Lustrumbulletins, the book “A school with pupils on the move” was mentioned, written by a former colleague, Jan van Luyn (1978). The Maartenscollege is still on the move. Times have changed, and so has the school. But the most essential values have been retained and the mantle is still shared. Even without “Sint”. We are celebrating 70 years of St. Maartenscollege. Let us make it a beautiful, memorable day with in mind the motto “Non nobis tantum nati” or “Not only for ourselves are we born”.